About Kyclos

A grass-root developed day-centre
in Athens for community building and social integration of refugees.

We intend to address ‘integration’ holistically by co-creating and implementing activities within several interlinked areas.

It aims to create a sustainable and scalable environment with examples on how to integrate people from different cultures in a situation of forced migration. We envision to be: Mediators for cross-cultural social integration. Facilitators of activities designed

from and for the community – by connecting inherent skills with potential niche markets, their interests with volunteers, local associations and professionals. Agents of social innovation – in a context of economic crisis and sociopolitical unrest, we want to face the challenges as opportunities to make out of Kyclos a social lab for new ideas, companies or social enterprises that employ refugees or are run by them.

For cross-cultural social integration

What is our approach

Our approach is that connection and active participation facilitates the construction of meaning and corresponding behaviours. Therefore, Kyclos activities are performed and analysed in the frame of social practice. This involves planning, putting activities into action, observing the outcomes and re-formulating based on the results. In this way practices, learning, knowledge and identity are connected and commonly co-constructed. Through continuous dialogue and cross-disciplinary teamwork, we envision to bring together diverse empirical experiences, cultures and professional backgrounds. This approach fosters development of skills and capacities, helps identify barriers for community cross-integration and offers opportunities for interpersonal de-escalation and re-connection. It promotes co-existence, co-creation, co-development, solidarity, cooperation and, ultimately, it allows for the evolution of a community notion and a feeling of belonging.