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Greek language lessons

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They take place from Monday to Friday from 15.00 to 21.00 in Kyclos. Every student takes daily lessons that last from 1 to 3 hours. There are 3 learning levels. Beginners, intermediate, advanced. The lessons are open to people who are illiterate in their mother tongue.
After the successful completion of the lessons and a consistent learning course, students can participate in the official Greek Language exams of the General Secretariat for Lifelong Education.

English language lessons

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They are held twice a week for each student. The only condition for participation is that the students have attended the lessons of Greek language at Kyclos and have reached intermediate level.

Culture lessons

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They concern history, geography, tradition, customs, habits and everything that can shape culture and civilization. Participants are the students of Greek language, regardless of level. Classes last a total of 15 hours per month and take place inside and outside Kyclos premises e.g. in museums and neighborhoods.

Supporting school students

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The courses are addressed to students of the public school and relate to natural sciences taught in it. The syllabus is adapted according to the needs of the participants. Prerequisite for participation is basic knowledge of Greek language.

Mother tongue lessons


They are addressed only to illiterate Farsi speaking people. Prerequisite for participation is to have attended the Greek courses of Kyclos and to have passed the beginners’ level. The syllabus is adapted according to the needs of the participants.


The methodology that governs all non-formal education in Kyclos is designed so that the lessons:

  • are taught from the advanced to the beginners through an experiential way

  • are taught from the students' mother tongue

  • are suitable for people who are illiterate

  • make use of everyone's cultural background

  • are in line with everyone's learning pace. Kyclos classes are constantly evaluated and   adjusted so that each student is always at a level that suits him/her and can follow.

Through this methodology intercultural two-way social integration is achieved in a smooth way and based on equity.

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