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S. is 16 years old and is from Kurdistan. He has been in Greece for three years. Due to his age, he had to follow 1st grade of Greek high school, in a language he does not understand. Through KYCLOS lessons, he has learned the basics and continues. As his father said "he can now ask questions and communicate with his teachers. The classes at KYKLOS helped my son feel better in public school. With time, he will do better."

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S. is from Kurdistan. She came to Greece 3 years ago, while her husband came first, 15 years ago. S. originally came to KYKLOS as her three children were in great need of support in public school lessons, especially in Greek language. She also followed Greek language courses and eventually became the best student in her class! After all, in her country she was a teacher, so she probably has a way of getting familiar with languages quickly! Therefore, she can also help her children with their homework. Her dream is for her children to study in Greece and for her to become a teacher here.

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T. is from Afghanistan. He came to Greece unaccompanied and a minor. He has never lived in Afghanistan since his parents were also refugees in Iran when the Taliban started the war. In Iran, as an Afghan, he had no legal documents, no right to go to school, not even a sim card in his name. In Iran, he had been racially attacked as a child, because he is from Afghanistan. Of course his parents had no rights either. As he was in danger, he left for Europe even though he was only 15 years old. In Greece, he came to KYKLOS, learned Greek, found friends, networked and socialized. Through social services, he arranged for the necessary documents for his life here. He joined the community and slowly became a teacher for the new students. He was in charge for mens language course. Although his students are older than him, through teaching, he has earned their respect. He remembers one day he was on the bus and met one of his students. His student got up from the chair and said "sit down teacher". T. didn't believe it, as he said "I felt like I'm somebody now". Through the vocational rehabilitation program he found a job and was able to live independently when he became an adult. In addition, through the housing program he found a home together with two other friends. At KYKLOS, he also learned to make soaps and cook. He made a life of his own. After 5 years he decided to set a new beginning in another European country but he could not make roots there, so he returned to Greece where he felt confident with the way of life, is not afraid and can stand on his own feet. T. is a very important member of KYCLOS community and has offered more than what has been offered to him.

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KYCLOS has taught many illiterate people to write. Ιn fact, the first language they ever learned to write was Greek. Z. from Afghanistan is for KYCLOS the most extraordinary and touching example. Mother of 7 children, also having grandchildren, she came to Greece. She never gave up, even though she used to say "I can't learn". The first thing she was taught was how to hold a pencil. The alphabet took her a few months... Today she is the best student in her class. She is also the best in explaining others how to write. At KYCLOS, she also cooks, sews and teaches embroidery. Through our housing and job settlement program, she has found a home, her adult children are working and minors are in public school. Z. is a great example of how refuges we can learn from us, as much as we can learn from them. First things are, probably, human strength and will.

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