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About Us

KYCLOS was born  in late 2017 out of a vision of an anthropologist, an engineer and a group of young refugees who wanted to make roots in Greece. The team aimed to showcase that cross-disciplinary teamwork fosters the development of personal and professional skills, mitigates barriers for cross-integration and offers opportunities for interpersonal connection.

KYCLOS is open 5d/week, 6 hours per day with approx. 150 people participating daily in its activities related to education, empowerment, commmunity building and income generation. In total, more than 1000 refugees and asylum seekers, men and women from all age groups have been part of Kyclos. Most are staying at the camp sites around Attica  at UNHCR accommodation, at shelters for unaccompanied minors, or are self accommodated.

KYCLOS promotes co-existence, co-creation, co-development, solidarity, cooperation and, ultimately, strengthens community notion and a feeling of belonging.

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