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Kyclos’ stand is that income is a fundamental prerequisite for survival and integration.


By having income, people ensure their livelihood and dignity. In addition, work serves Kyclos core value that integration is two-sided: not only the refugees are part of the Greek reality and culture but also the locals have a first relation with the identity of the refugees.


For this reason, since its foundation, Kyclos has been actively supporting refugees in finding a job that corresponds to their level of integration and skills.



  • Makes the first contact with potential employers

  • Assists potential employees and employers with bureaucracy and paperwork needed for the recruitment to take place- Provides guidance for giving an interview, for writing a CV and for presenting oneself to an employer

  • Is in continuous contact with both the employer and the employee particularly during the first period after recruitment. This is in order to ensure the sustainability of the project and the smooth cross-cultural cooperation between both parties.


Kyclos tries to match, as much as much as possible, the skills of each person to a potential job position. In some cases, such as in the sewing workshop, this is possible. But it often happens that refugees learn from scratch a new job, such as olive harvesting or bee keeping.

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